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We follow the highly sensible Precision Nutrition approach to eating, in a way that complements your exercise. Our strategy for nutrition planning is to add healthy options into your diet rather than tell you to cut everything out.

The quality of we put into our body is vital, particularly if you are looking to lose or gain weight. Set yourself up for success with a plan to eat unprocessed whole foods.

We help you find balance

We generally don’t recommend a specific diet, particularly one based on self-punishment. Instead, we would like to develop a diet in the biological sense – a lion’s diet is meat ­– that you will want to pursue long-term.

That said, we do work with clients who want to pursue strategies such as intermittent fasting, low-carb, keto and paleo diets. We can also advise on a plant-based diet, and will work around any food preferences, social factors, sensitivities and allergies.

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